Zhengzhou Smile Dental Equipment Co., ltd  , owned by DENTAL86 GROUP LIMITED, is manufacturer of Acrylic Resin Teeth, Intra Oral Mirrors and Dental Burs. We have our own brand "DENTAL86", "SDT", "QITOO". Meanwhile, we also offer OEM service.

We have 14 years experience of dealing dental equipments and dental materials, maintaining long and stable relationships with clients throughout the world. Our aim is to realize win-win in the business cooperation with you.
Dear Customers,
Recently, we found that someone pretended to be an employee of our company, contacted customers through WhatsApp, and forged orders. Customers are advised to pay attention to this scam information.
Our company only has employees in Mainland China and Hong Kong China. If you need to purchase products, please contact the information on our website.
Beneficiary Name of All payment methods must be Zhengzhou Smile Dental Equipment Co., ltd or DENTAL86 GROUP LIMITED。
Zhengzhou Smile Dental Equipment Co., Ltd
Dear Customers,
Recently there is some copycat company using similar company name as “Zhengzhou Smile ind***.Zhengzhou Smile Med***.”
Hereby we declare that:
1. “Zhengzhou Smile Dental Equipment Co., Ltd.” is the sole legal company name.
2. Our websites are:
www.dental86.com                  www.smiledt.com         
3. We are unrelated to the copycat company. We are not responsible for any business activity of the copycat company.
Zhengzhou Smile Dental Equipment Co., Ltd
Zhengzhou Smile Dental Equipment Co.,ltd offer Acrylic resin teeth, Dental Instruments, Dental Equipments : dental unit, dental chair,dental handpiece , endo motor, curing light, ultrasonic  scaler ,teeth whitening unit, x-ray and so on in China.